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Research has become one of my passions.

I have been hired to assist others to research topics of their interest. This is a service that I provide in addition to my technical workshops and consultation. How may I help you?


I enjoy delving into the field of jewelry making and metal arts with its long and distinguished history. My curiosity of ancient and traditional methods has revealed alternatives that expand and compliment contemporary approaches. I now incorporate these into my work and how I teach.  

Carl Jennings

Master Metalsmith

 Written by Jack da Silva


 Photo courtesy of the

 Metal Museum, Memphis, TN

On the event of Carl’s passing in 2003 at the age of 93, professional California master blacksmith Toby Hickman commented, “Those of us who knew Carl and his contribution to the artistic development of our trade know what a loss his passing is.” Frank Turley, another renowned American blacksmith also noted, “Carl was one of three big names who kept the forge flames going when other smiths were converting their smithies into auto repair shops and welding shops. I think of Donald Streeter and Francis Whitaker.”

Excerpt from article by Jack da Silva. Quotes from Anvilfire News

A copy of the complete article may be requested through the Contact Page.

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